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I have a perfectly working PsychoPy experiment, but when I try to run it on Pavlovia it is riddled with problems and plagued with error messages. Is this normal?

Hi all,

I’ve run lots of experiments offline (face-to-face) using PsychoPy. I love it!
However… I’ve just uploaded my first experiment onto Pavlovia and I am encountering one problem after another (even though it runs perfectly offline). First it won’t recognise key input. Then there is a problem with the sound duration. Now it won’t present my instructions because I’ve used bits of inline code for the instructions. In PsychoPy it tells me there is an error translating it into JS (“Syntax error”) but I don’t know JS and so have no idea how to fix this!!!

Is it normal to program an experiment that works perfectly offline but then encounter so many problems on Pavlovia?! Thanks for everyone’s help so far, the people on this forum are great!:slight_smile:

I am just wondering what I am doing wrong to create an experiment that struggles so much online (or whether everyone has this issue).


Auto translation of Python to JavaScript is new and far from perfect. JS and working online is also quirky.

I’ve been putting together a crib sheet to help, since I also can’t program in JS.

Best wishes,


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Thanks, I really appreciate your help!