Variables collected during experiment are not being recorded in CSV file

I am experiencing an issue with my current experiement code. I have created a few variables that I will be collecting during my experiment: slider_data, key_press, key_name, key_duration. However, upon downloading a CSV for a participant, the data comes up blank (shown in screenshot). I have also included an image of my code (defining each variable in the begin routine tab and ensuring that the variable is printed in the end routine tab). Additionally, I have made sure that my keyboard component is collected AllKeys in the builder. Has anyone experienced similar issues?



What you are showing here is how you initialise some variables and lists and how these are saved in your details but you don’t show how they are populated with values. Perhaps include this code too?


Hi @Yiannis , thank you for your reply. In my each frame tab, I have the following code to populate the values:

update: status_list is now showing up in my csv but everything else is still blank