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CSV Data Collection On Web Version

We have a partially working HTML experiment that is having problems exporting data.

After the experiment is ran, the CSV file is created in the data directory and it contains all the header information in the top row. For some reason keyboard actions aren’t recorded in the CSV file. This isn’t a problem when the experiment is ran natively in the main psychopy app. I don’t know if you could advise what is going wrong?

I have been pretty thorough with the permissions having tried a few different permissions and versions of PHP, so I’m unsure what else to try.

Log files are also generated, these track the mouse movements but no errors. I have also checked the server logs with no luck.

[UPDATE] I have done a little more debugging and it seems to be a problem with what the browser is sending up to the server. When printing out what is posted to the server, the URL string contains no information of timings of the keyboard or mouse:

[Mon Oct 16 16:48:16.686017 2017] [fcgid:warn] [pid 26623] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: [data] => key_resp_2.keys, key_resp_2.rt, key_resp_3.keys, key_resp_3.rt, participant, session, date, expName, frameRate, referer:

Can anyone help with this?