Utilizing the same script for different versions of the same experiment does not work

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I remember having read this issue before but I cannot find now so feel free to link it here please.

I want to run the same experiment (with different conditions file) and want to reuse the same script I already programmed and uploaded to Pavlovia, however it seems that as soon as you synchronize a PsychoPy script it is associated with an ID and cannot upload it again, even after having changed the name.

The following error appears:
KeyError: ‘Could not find GitLab project with id 252041.’ (but this is supposed to be a NEW file and NEW experiment, I am not trying to synchronize it with the original version)

Is there a smart way to reuse scripts as different versions rather than having to create a new script every single time and copy-paste each routine?

Thanks so so much,

Does this solution work for you?