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Using cedrus button box keyboard mode to track key release-iohub

Hi all,

The following is a variation on an earlier question regarding key release.

In my task, I have a routine that ends with with a button press and another one that ends when that same key is released. I am using iohub to do this and it works well. However, I just purchased a cedrus button box (RB-540). I have been using the box in keyboard mode and it works outside of the iohub code (i.e., if I just use a keyboard component from the builder), but when I try it within the iohub code, it no longer works. Anyone have any suggestions?

As a separate, albeit related question, key releases on the button box produce a new key unto themselves. In my case, when I release the bottom key (recorded as 5) it records %. Is there a way to get psychopy to accept the % symbol as keyboard component key?