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Recording key releases

I want to record a keyboard release, is this possible in without using iohub?

I know that psychopy 3 had a new hardware object called keyboard, but looking at the documentation it seems that releases cannot be counted as an event. Is there a way to just record the state of the keys pressed, so that I can continually check if the key has been released?

Thank you very much.

hi @PaperclipMaximizer, with the new Keyboard using the PsychToolBox backend, you can get key presses with a duration, that are only returned when the key is released. See docs.

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This is really helpful, thank you.

But this does require the participant to press all the keys every time I want to record it, which could be tedious.
I want to record when the participant releases one of two keys, is there another clever way to do this, or should I just use the key press duration you brought up?