Recording KeyRelease data - iohub or keyBoard?

I’m working on a project detailed here.

Briefly, Participant holds down two keys, they must respond to a stimulus by releasing the correct key.

I’ve tried a lot of things as there were issues with iokeyboard in the original.
Can I do this without using iokeyboard and with a code element and new keyboard class in PsychoPy 3.1?

Windows 10 with 64bit
PsychoPy Builder v 2021.2.3

I could be talking out of my rear end with this, so would appreciate any guidance.

Hi There,

Just to check that this is a study that will be run locally ? If so I think this demo should help
fetch duration.psyexp (13.8 KB)

Participants must hold down 2 keys for the trial to stat (the “1” and “2” keys) then they lift one and we show them which they lifted first.

Hope this helps,

Hi Becca
Thanks for this. I’ll be taking a look today (strike action last week!).
I think the researcher wants it to run online eventually. Is this likely to be a problem?