Use of a USB-connected potentiometer with Psychopy

Hello, I use a computerized visual analogue scale (COVAS) potentiometer device (Medoc) to collect pain ratings during experiments. It attaches via an USB port to the computer. The webpage for the device is this one:

I would like to use it with a slider component so participants can rate pain by sliding the COVAS’ knob between left and right positions, and have the knob position to change the slider’s marker accordingly. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to use this device with Psychopy.

Thank you.

You’ll need to provide us the details from the manufacturer about the communication protocol the device uses. eg does it emulate the ancient but very common serial port protocol over USB? If so, what do the values look like?

If it isn’t using a generic protocol like serial, does it have its own driver? Is there a Python API for it?

It’s quite possible that PsychoPy can listen to the device, and if so, controlling a slider in real time would be straightforward. But we need more technical detail to point you in the right direction. The place to start is with the manufacturer (ideally this info would be provided in your technical user manual) or their support community, and then come back here with the details.