Upload data to an external server (not using pavlovia)

Hi all,

First off, I am not trying to avoid paying for participants through pavlovia. I have an experiment that is written in coder (using python) and will be run locally on a computer far away from me.

Once a participant completes the experiment I would like the script to upload the csv file to a server at my University. This way I do not need to ask my collaborator to go get the csv files and he can focus on running the participants.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

When you sync with Pavlovia, new local files get uploaded, including data files. So, your collaborator would only need to press the sync button in a psyexp file in the same folder.

I don’t know if you could automate that process with a command in your code.

I am not using pavlovia for this study. I needed to build the study using python code as I am using a dynamic randomization procedure and needed the extra flexibility. Is there any way to upload the files to a server in a different way? OR can I sync a project to git even though it will not run online?

This is not possible. What you can do is zip your project folder and send to the study participants. They can then run the experiment on their own computer and upload the files to OSF/email/ect. I think this is what you are getting at?

The participants will be coming to a lab (at a University far away from me). But I think I may just need to ask the researcher to email me the csv files every week or something like that.

Thank you all !

You can use Pavlovia as a repository for files without running experiments online. Try it. Your data is collected locally so won’t cost credits.

Awesome! I didn’t realize that.

Do you know if it is possible to initiate a sync from pavlovia (rather than the local psychopy instance).

My University has a site license so credits didn’t matter to me, but good to know!