Unspecified JavaScript error: works in some computers but not others

Hi @bloxham99, no problem, I have staged a support fork containing the fix above, is the error still there on Chrome? x

@sotiri hi, when I click on your link it says “no information available for this experiment, it may not exist or you may not have access to it”? I’m completely new to this so don’t know if I’m doing something wrong!

Sorry, I forgot to give your GitLab account access so you can pilot the support fork :blush: Should be OK now :crossed_fingers:

@sotiri thank you so much - it worked! Do I now just need to download the forked experiment from the gitlab page or do I need to modify my own code? Sorry I’m a complete newbie not sure how to now run that experiment as my own :joy:

No worries at all @bloxham99, I have created a merge request for you to accept the relevant edit into your code. You then need to re-sync with Pavlovia to get your local copy up to speed and as explained above just be careful not to overwrite ‘index.html’ if and when next exporting from PsychoPy. Here to help if you come across any more issues, x

@sotiri amazing, thank you so much for your help I’m so grateful! :blush:

No problem @bloxham99, happy coding :sunny:

@sotiri Could you please let me know what is wrong with my task: https://pavlovia.org/run/cmfo/exp-4-srt-1-session-1/html/
Everything works well but the text at the end is huge even though it should have the same size of the other text. Is this a bug? I don’t seem to be able to change it.

Hi @cat500, no problem, would it be possible to upload a .psyexp or link to the GitLab repo? Thanks, s.

Is this what you need? https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/cmfo/exp-4-srt-1-session-1

Sorry, it’s giving me a 404 for some reason, is it private maybe? Thanks, x

Just made it public, I’m sorry.

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I just fixed it by forking the experiment again and then making the necessary changes and it is now working well.

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@sotiri Sorry to bother you again.

I published my study properly and it appears that I am having the same issue again? The only changes I have made between us last speaking and today is that I modified the completion link URL (as I have the Pavlovia experiment running between two Qualtrics surveys) and now I’m getting Unspecified Javascript error again. Have you any idea what’s gone wrong?

No problem, alright, let me check

Hi @bloxham99, are you running your study from the html directory? You might need to edit that ‘index.html’ to match the last one if that makes any sense

I believe so? The study link has /html at the end (sorry I am a total newbie). What do I have to do?

No worries, could you try using the ‘html/index.html’ from the support fork above in your project?

@sotiri does it need to be merged as it was before?

@bloxham99 I think it might just be easier to edit your file in place, only a single line needs changing