Unknown resource error online

Hi, I have this error message when I try to run my experiment on pavlovia. Please Can someone help me?

"Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • When setting image of imagestim : image
  • When getting the value of resource : C:\Users\dimit\Desktop\Sans titre.png
  • Unknown resource"


You need to use forward slashes for paths to resources online

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Thanks for your answer, what do I have to change ? Do I have to add forward slashes just before “Sans titre.png” ?

where is that image stored relative to your .psyexp file?

In the same folder that my experiment

In that case it shouldn’t need any path or slashes.


do your store your experiment on the desktop or is it stored in a folder? BTW, do not use spaces in file-names when using such files on different operating systems.

Best wishes jens

Thanks for your answer. My experiment is in a folder on my desktop.
Ok, do you think that the space changes something in my case ?

Thanks for your answer. Do you what’s the problem ?

Experiments need to be in their own folder. If your psyexp file is in C:\Users\dimit\Desktop\ then it will try to sync your entire desktop. I would recommend that you put the experiment and resources into a dedicated folder in your documents area.


well, the error message suggests that your experiment is stored on the desktop and not in folder. This is probably the reason for your problem. Spaces in file-names are bad style when working on different operating systems because you do not know how the various operating systems will handle the space in the file-name.

Follow the advice given by wakecarter.
Best wishes Jens