Unhandled internal error when pushing to Pavlovia

Hello all!

I am trying to push an experiment that is running correctly in Psychopy3.2.5 to Pavlovia.
I have created an account on Pavlovia.org.
In Builder view, when I click on the Log in to Pavlovia.org icon, it shows that I am logged in.
However, when I click on Sync with web project -> Create a project -> Name the new project and write a short description -> Create project on Pavlovia, I get an error message saying that PsychoPy encountered an unhandled internal error.

The psycopy_traceback file contains the following information:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\gitlab\exceptions.py”, line 242, in wrapped_f
return f(*args, **kwargs)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\gitlab\mixins.py”, line 204, in create
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\gitlab_init_.py”, line 589, in http_post
post_data=post_data, files=files, **kwargs)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\gitlab_init_.py”, line 495, in http_request
gitlab.exceptions.GitlabHttpError: 400: {‘name’: [“can contain only letters, digits, emojis, ‘’, ‘.’, dash, space. It must start with letter, digit, emoji or '’.”], ‘limit_reached’: []}

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\pavlovia_ui\project.py”, line 146, in submitChanges
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\projects\pavlovia.py”, line 329, in createProject
raise e
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\projects\pavlovia.py”, line 324, in createProject
gitlabProj = self.gitlab.projects.create(projDict)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\gitlab\exceptions.py”, line 244, in wrapped_f
raise error(e.error_message, e.response_code, e.response_body)
gitlab.exceptions.GitlabCreateError: 400: {‘name’: [“can contain only letters, digits, emojis, ‘’, ‘.’, dash, space. It must start with letter, digit, emoji or '’.”], ‘limit_reached’: []}

I have read several other posts here on the discourse forum related to a similar problem but it seems like there is a different reason every time.

I would be very grateful if someone could give me a hint how to resolve the issue!

All the best,

Hey V,

Could you repost this in the builder category? Then we’re sure the right people pick it up.

Best, T

Hi V,

This looks like a name error - please could you let us know what the name of the project is you are trying to create? it is possible that it contains ‘illegal characters’ that gitlab may not work well with for creating project names.


Hi @Becca,

Yes, I had a " / " in the project name and apparently gitlab does not like that.
I am now trying to pilot the experiment online but the screen has been stuck on “Initializing the experiment” for an hour now… Any ideas why?
Thank you so much!
All the best,

Hi V,

Pleased that solved your original problem. For the initializing screen This means there is a JS syntax error somewhere.

  1. open developer tools as described in crib sheet.
  2. click the red error message that has the name of your file (with the .js extension).
  3. that will show you the line of code where you are having the error - go back to your BUILDER to fix it or share that error on the discourse page.

For related posts see

Hope this helps,