Unfortunately we encountered an unspecified error (error code: 10

URL of experiment: https://pavlovia.org/MADlab/incentivized-flanker-w-perceptual-load

Description of the problem:

I set this experiment to Piloting, click Pilot, and get the message: “Unfortunately we encountered an unspecified error (error code: 10.”

The browser’s development console has these additional details:

FATAL unknown | {"origin":"PsychoJS.start","context":"when starting the experiment","error":{"origin":"ServerManager.openSession","context":"when opening a session for experiment: MADlab/incentivized-flanker-w-perceptual-load-2","error":{"origin":"http://pavlovia.org/api/v2/experiments/MADlab/incentivized-flanker-w-perceptual-load-2/sessions","context":"when opening a session on the server","pathWithNamespace":"MADlab/incentivized-flanker-w-perceptual-load-2","user":null,"pilotToken":"a87ff679a2f3e71d9181a67b7542122c","error":"unknown experiment","errorCode":10,"httpStatusCode":404}}}

This experiment runs fine in local debug mode.

Possibly related:

When I click “View code” on the experiment’s Pavlovia page, it takes me to the correct GitLab project (https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/MADlab/incentivized-flanker-w-perceptual-load-2). However, there are some discrepancies:

  • On Pavlovia, the experiment is listed as “Incentivized Flanker w. Perceptual Load”, while on GitLab it’s called " Incentivized Flanker w. Perceptual Load II"
  • No description is listed on Pavlovia, while GitLab says “IVA2”
  • No Software Platform is listed on Pavlovia (should be PSYCHOJS) and the Platform Version is 0 (should be 2020.2).

It seems that Pavlovia is not syncing information from GitLab for this experiment. Not sure if that is related to this issue.

These issues are the result of a project rename, which is not supported by Pavlovia.

I deleted and recreated the project on GitLab with its new name instead, and now it works.