Error code 10 when trying to pilot project on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: I have been planning on using Pavlovia to run an experiment so I have been working on Pavlovia for quite a while testing the program to make sure it runs. Yesterday when I went to test I got an error and I have been consistently getting this error when I try to pilot the experiment. I have not changed much within the project besides trying to put some files in a new directory so that everything wasn’t surface level, which I changed back because I though that might have been the problem. I also transferred the project to be within another repository but the same project still appears when I click the “view code” button in Pavlovia so i’m not sure if that is the problem.

Hey @Akil_Atkins, apologies for the late reply. This is one cool experiment you have built. I see no errors in your code! I believe Pavlovia is looking, but fails, to connect with your git repository. I understand if your project is marked private, but is there a account to begin with? Could you double check syncing through PsychoPy works as expected? Here to help, s.

Hi Sotiri, no worries on the lateness! The BACSLab repository does not have a git account, which i realize is likely the problem now that you have pointed it out. I was assuming that just because the pavlovia account could find the URL it would still be able to run the code. Thanks for you help, I’ll reach out if this happens not to be the problem

Alright, no problem, happy coding, x