Unable to upload survey fully and stops saving halfway through

Hi, I am trying to design a survey on Pavlovia but it stops saving my work after a few questions and when I log in a second time all my work has disappeared. Pavlovia sends me this message “unknown error, possibly an internal server error, if the error persists contact Pavlovia administrator” with a “http error response”. Any help on what to do to complete my survey would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Please could you show a screenshot (preferably with the developer tools console open showing the error) at the point it gives an error.

Press the save button periodically to save your work as you go. You can also download the json file as a backup. If the error happens when you press save, perhaps there is an issue with your Pavlovia account. If so, please post your username.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t mean it’s not saving when I press save, it tends to disappear even after I have saved it, by the next time I add a question

. I have attached photos of the problem, the first is where it was going wrong, the second is a picture of how it looks now when I try to do anything. My username is CaoimheSoffer.

Sorry I just found out what you needed. I have attached screenshots below. Hope this helps. Thanks so much.

I tend to find that the console tab is the most useful. It sometimes then references an error in a particular line which can be seen in the sources tab.

Is this ok?Thanks