Unable to Sync Edits Between Machines

Hi there!

I’ve just encountered a problem where I’ve not been able to sync changes to an experiment from a second machine.

For context, I built the experiment on one machine and uploaded everything successfully to Pavlovia. I typically save all my code for projects in a Google Drive folder (with each experiment having its own unique folder within) so I have quick access across all the machines I work on. The local root folder for the experiment is set as the unique folder within Google Drive. I was working on another machine and needed to make some small edits to said experiment, but I went to sync the changes I was greeted with a message telling me I was unable to sync the changes as GITHub already had a repository with the name of the project I was trying to sync. I went back to the original machine that I had programmed the experiment on and was able to sync the changes from there.

I have a suspicion that even though the file is stored within a shared online folder, that the original root folder is still tied to the machine ID, hence causing confusion with Pavlovia. Am I therefore correct in assuming that if I wanted to work on code across multiple machines and sync no matter which I am using that it would be better to fork the original project to create a clone directory? The clone should sync with the original project if I want to push updates if my understanding is correct.