Unable to access https://github.com


My experiment runs well on my computer (mac) as well as the lab’s desktop (pc), but every time I try to run it on the MRI unit’s lab, I get error messages regarding github. Were are all using PsychoPy 3.0.4.

Any lead on what could be the reason for what looks like incompatibility?


run1area.psyexp (33.6 KB)

Hi @Genevieve_Allaire-Du, what is the version of PsychoPy you are using in the MRI lab?

3.0.4 we made an effort to coordinate with them and we were surprised that it didn’t work

If you are sure the version is 3.0.4 in the lab, then try going to the experiment settings, and setting “Use version” to blank. This will remove the “useVersion” call from your script which is causing the problem for you. Why this is happening, I cannot tell, perhaps it is related to the fact that PsychoPy is installed on a different drive from the one you are running the task on.

Dear David,

I can’t thank you enough. It works now!

PsychoPy is in fact installed on a different drive at the MRI unit, I had no idea it could cause that issue.