Error: TypeError: Cannot read property of '_gui' undefined

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: This experiment runs perfectly fine in the builder of psychopy but I am not able to figure out why this error comes when trying to run it online through pavlovia.


Hey @Dhruv_2912, sorry to hear you are having issues getting the online version of your study to run. I tried the link you posted, but it looks as if the project has been deleted. Were you able to find a solution? Here to help, thanks, s.

Hi @sotiri,

Yes, I was able to find the solution for this problem.
Appreciate your help though!

No problem, happy coding! :blush:

Hi @Dhruv_2912,

I am encountering the same error. Do you mind sharing how you fixed that bug?

Thank you.


I am also encountering this issue, so would love to know how it is fixed!

My experiment is here:

I’m also having the same issue, so we would be glad @Dhruv_2912 if you share the solution :slight_smile:

Hi @prospectqian,

The issue was in setting the position for the elements using variable.

Refer the link below to resolve the issue.

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I am using a code component instead of a conditions file, is there likely to be an analogous solution when setting position without a conditions file?