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TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'undefined' of object '#'

URL of experiment: Files · master · Khor Khai Ling / SART · GitLab (

Description of the problem:
There is an error stated: " TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘undefined’ of object ‘#’ when I try to run the experiment.

I had checked my condition files and there is no empty cell as below:

I hope anyone could help me with this error.


your project is not set to public. Therefore, it can’t be accessed from anybody but you.

Best Jens

sorry for that. You had changed the status and the link is here:

Khai Ling

Your cursor is saved in empty cells in your Excel files (E 15 and L 18 i think). Move it to a cell with data and reupload.

Thank you so much! It’s working!

Hi! Can you explain this in detail? I have the same error. I couldn’t get what you mean exactly.

You may check your uploaded files like excel. Do not place the cursor (the selected cell) at the empty cell when you closed the file.

Thank you. I did what you told. But I still receive an error → TypeError: len() of unsized object
Can you help about it ?

I an sorry. This is different error, I have no idea on its solution.