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TypeError and microphone error in online experiments

URL of experiment:
.psyexp file: story_experiment.psyexp (72.7 KB)
condition csv: story_to_use.csv (3.6 KB)
pavlovia page: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I’m trying to present some short stories to participants, and ask them to verbally recall those stories in detail later. The experiment works as intended locally. However, there are two problems when I move it online.

The first problem is that upon entering the loop to present the story, the program crashed with the TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘undefined’ of object ‘#’. I see from other posts that this error may be caused by empty cells in the condition csv. I’ve double-checked that this is not the case. I was wondering if anyone can provide insight into what may be causing this issue.

The second problem is that the microphone component was working locally but not online. No error messages were produced, but no recordings were saved either.

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi Ziming,
it appears the mic component is not yet usable online (check the status of online options page: