Two groups/conditions but only one of them is supposed to do the survey

Hello there!

I am pretty new to PsychoPy… so sorry if I sound a little unknowing.

I would like have two groups/conditions in my experiment. They both should go through a demographic survey and a following Go/No-Go-Task. Up to this point, everything works just fine right now (without having groups). But: right after the first survey both groups shall complete, I only want one of the two groups/conditions to do a different survey before the Go/No-Go-Task. (Goal is among other things to find the questionnaire-behavior effect)

I tried it with code:
(chooseExperiment = randint(0,2)) in the intro and a code component (if chooseExperiment: continueRoutine = False) in a routine before the survey. Then I included both routines together in a loop. That didn´t work. This code specifically just works if I have a component in the same routine as the code, i.e. text or image. Unfortunately, code cannot be combined with a survey.

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much in advance!

Try putting the survey in a loop with nReps of chooseExperiment

Thank you very much! It worked putting only the survey into the loop but without the code.

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