Multiple condition groups within the one study no longer piloting

Hi (apologies this is a long one)

I have a study that I finally got piloting perfectly (thanks to help on here) which was group 1 of 4 condition groups.
Once the pilot worked, and I checked that the data output matched everything I needed it to, I duplicated that Psychopy file 3 times by doing a ‘save as’ to create the other 3 conditions (the file names were E group B, E group G, C group B, and C group G where E=experimental, C= control, B= blue and G=Green).

I was able to upload these duplicates to Pavlovia with projects named EB, EG, CB, and CG, and they all worked perfectly too. Until today.

I realised that I no longer needed a “thank you for participating” message at the end because I’ll be using Qualtrics and that has one built into it so I opened E Group B on Psychopy, removed the routine with the end message and synced it to EB. Worked perfectly.

I then opened E group G to do the same but when I checked using the ‘i’ button to make sure it was syncing to the EG Pavlovia project, it said that it was also Syncing to EB. The solution I found on one of these forums was to delete the hidden git folder (the reason given on the post I read was that they all had the same repository) and re-sync but this then stopped them from piloting all together. So I thought my solution would be to remove the 3 duplicates from Pavlovia, change what I needed to in Psychopy and then re-add them to Pavlovia, which worked for EG but then when I tried it with C group B and C group G they both defaulted to sync to EG.

I then went to check that EB was still running and it now gets stuck on the “initialising experiment” page with a “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string E%20Group%20B.js:133”. The screenshot attached is the line I think is impacted in Psychopy.

I know nothing about coding so if someone could help me

  1. fix the syntax error and get EB working again
  2. have my other 3 conditions but not have them linked to EB or each other with the same repository (if that was the issue)

that would amazing!

I’m really annoyed at myself because I was so close to joining this with Qualtrics and fulling launching it so hoping to get a solution quickly!

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I’m guessing with making duplicates, it means the behaviour of your task is the same but you’re stimuli is what’s different. If that’s the case, I recommend you use just one psychopy task but change the condition files based on the groups. I’ve attached a minimal demo here where you just need to choose what groups you would like to test and the task will use the right conditions files. (25.8 KB)
This would be what it looks like online block_design [PsychoPy]

More information about this type of design can be found here Building better experiments — Workshops for PsychoPy 2022 2022

And later on, once you’ve uploaded the task and everything works as it should, and you don’t want participants to choose which groups they are in, you can also send them the link with the group already chosen by following the steps in this page