Two demos: Online microphone/recording, headphone check

I’m sharing two demos that I’ve recently developed. More documentation for both are provided at the respective code links below.

Online microphone recording: code | try it

This demo shows how to create an experiment that records audio via a participant’s microphone online. It also checks whether the participant has granted microphone access, and if they have not, prompts them to do so.

Headphone check: code | try it

This demo, based on the headphone screener made by @sijiazhao—it uses the audio files for the Huggins Pitch task available from that project’s github. It differs from that project in that (1) it was made in the Builder (with a few JS code components), so you don’t need to modify the auto-generated JS file from the Builder, and (2) it saves the results to the participant’s data file, rather than terminating the experiment upon failure of the check.

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