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Turn off Experiment Runner


I would like to be able to turn off the Experiment Runner, because it can be annoying feature to work with in the debugging stage. For example, I would like to print the output to the console below the editor, rather than in the Experiment Runner.

Thank you!


I agree, this new Experiment Runner does not seem to add nearly as much value as it does annoyance.

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I very much like having a Runner for handling experiment sessions (much like the E-Run facility in E-Prime). I would also like a streamlined way to launch Runner as a separate app for experiment sessions (again, much like how E-Prime does it), and I would like some documentation for the Runner.

But having to go through the Runner for every single development test run gets very tiresome.

We aren’t going to re-introduce the stdout at the bottom of the Coder view but in 2020.2 there will be the option to avoid it. Rather than this being a preference we’ll be providing a pair of buttons to Run (Ctrl-R) directly or Run in Runner (Ctrl-Shift-R).

@anon73880559 right now we’re pulling out all the stops on getting the features implemented and tested ready for release but we’ll be working on substantial documentation rewriting in the fall

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