Tracking progress of the experiment on Runner view of Psychopy

Windows 10 Enterprise

I have question regarding the runner tab of psychopy. I’m using the builder view in Psychopy because I’m new to programming. I’ve set up an experiment for an EEG study. The participant will be in an EEG chamber, and I’ll be outside using a control computer. I’ll run the experiment on Screen 2, which is inside the booth for the participant. I want to see the progress of the experiment in real-time on the ‘RUNNER VIEW’ tab in Psychopy. Currently, the runner view only shows errors or completion. How can I track the ongoing progress of the experiment?

Thank you

Try adding print statements at significant points.

Just as you can add information to the data file with thisExp.addData('Column Name',value) you can send information to the runner using print('Column Name',value). It doesn’t need to be formatted like this. Any comma delimited set to strings and values can be printed, but I find it’s not very useful to just print a value since you might want a reminder of what it is, or might not see it if the value is blank. For example, you could put in Begin Routine print('Starting trial',trials.thisN)