Transition from Block 1 to Block 2 in Psychopy Experiment Not Working When Some Trials Are Unanswered

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on an experiment using Psychopy, in which participants respond to visual stimuli using a keyboard (keys “f” and “j”). I’m also using a Tobii Eyetracker to record eye movement. The experiment is divided into two blocks, each looping 20 times, with the only difference being the visual stimuli presented in these blocks.

Here’s the issue I’ve encountered: Everything works perfectly when all trials are answered or when none are answered. However, when some trials in Block 1 are left unanswered, the program fails to transition to Block 2 after completing Block 1.

I tried on another PC without the Eyetracker, and everything is fine.

Below is the error response I got when bugged out:
File “”, line 1863, in
loop1.saveAsExcel(filename + ‘.xlsx’, sheetName=‘loop1’,
File “”, line 324, in saveAsExcel
dataArray = self._createOutputArray(stimOut=stimOut,
File “”, line 444, in _createOutputArray
tup = eval(strVersion) # convert back to a tuple
File “”, line 1
[‘f’], [‘j’], , [‘j’], [‘f’]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax;

If anyone has experience with similar problems or suggestions for troubleshooting, I would greatly appreciate your insights. Thank you in advance for your help!