PsychoPy - EyeLink task: adding calibration between trial blocks


I modified an experiment I built on PsychoPy to run on EyeLink 1000 using the integration tutorials and examples. It worked smoothly until I decided to add two more calibration routines to the experiment. I would appreciate some help with this, I think it may be a screen size/window issue!

I have participants do memory encoding, followed by a 3-minute break before they answer retrieval questions. I was initially only calibrating at the beginning of the experiment but then decided to re-calibrate after the break because move during the break. I copied over the calibration code I had in the beginning. The calibration works, but then I am left with a gray screen at the beginning of the retrieval block.

I suspect there is an issue with how the screen/window is being set up. I see a gray screen after the calibration, but my print statements show that the retrieval trial starts (and I hear the sound that plays when the retrieval image is displayed). But because the screen is all gray, I cannot see anything or click the answers, so I quit the experiment.

I have my code here: I commented “#Recalibrate after the break” at the beginning of the calibration routines to make them easier to find. I would appreciate help with this!

Thank you,

Found the solution! Because I was repeating the information, I was making another copy of the calibration window. Because that is set up at the beginning, all I needed to do was to have:

if not dummy_mode: try: el_tracker.doTrackerSetup() except RuntimeError as err: print('ERROR:', err) el_tracker.exitCalibration()

Replacing the setup code with this fixes the issue! Maybe this is super obvious to everyone else but I thought that I would need to make set up the calibration environment again to be able to calibrate after a break, so I’ll keep this solution here!