Eye-Tracker validation moving display screen

I am using the most recent version of PsychoPy

The experiment uses both EEG (via parallel port) and a Tobii Eye-Tracker. Following 54 trials, the experiment breaks into a loop where the participant is able to have a rest, then they re-do the calibration and validation for the eye-tracker before the experiment starts again.

A code component is used to break into the loop (540 trials, in 10 blocks, it breaks out every 54 trials). All of that works fine, however when it starts the calibration for the eye-tracker, it moves the entire experiment back to the other display monitor.

The monitor the participant views (2) is set in the experiment settings. Is there something I need to do to prevent it from moving over to the researcher monitor (1) ?

Thank you

I actually experienced the same issue… if anyone knows how to fix this bug it would be great! Thanks in advance for your help!