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Tiffsetfield tempfile.tiff unknown pseudo-tag 65538

I’m currently working on an image presentation but after some images the experiment shut down showing this error: tempfile.tiff unknown pseudo-tag 65538 (tiffsetfield).
What does it mean? I’m working with pictures converted from tiff to jpg. The error was present even when the images with the original extension.

I’m on Ubuntu 18.10

Was that the entire error message or was there more? Is it a specific image that fails (maybe a badly formatted image)?

This is the entire error message but after, psychopy allert me that there’s some issue about the path that looks complitely correct to me.

I’m giving conditions to psychopy through the excel sheet where every image is labelled as “Image/filename.jpeg”. So every image is inside a folder called “Image”.

This is what happen at almost every session:

  • session starts

  • image that last 4 sec as the instruction said

  • 1 image on the left, 1 image on the right

  • after some repeats this error will appear and after that the path error. Always when the 2 images have to be showed together.

You need to give us the exact complete error message if you want us to help. My guess is that the message warned you that the path did not exist, but if might have warned you that the path existsed and the image couldn’t be loaded. Those are different issues with different solutions so please copy and paste the entire error message here or we can’t help

Sorry for the late replay and for the unclear messages. These are the screenshots about both the errors


These errors don’t occur in Windows.
Unpacked all the photos, pasted in Image/ directory, modified the excel file. Everything went smooth. 0 problem.

Re-unpacked all the photos in Ubuntu, re-pasted in Image directory, used the same excel file that previously worked nice on Windows: tiff error and path error showed.