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Error message, cannot find image


I am trying to script a face matching experiment, where 2 images are presented side by side, and the participant presses 1 if they’re the same identity and 0 if they are different.

I have made an excel file (saved as a .csv file, called prac_stimuli.csv) with the file paths to the images I want to present. I got the file paths by right clicking on the image, clicking Get Info and copying and pasting the file names, so I’m sure there are no errors in the file path names. The script, images, and csv file are all in the same folder.

I’m using a mid 2015 MacBook Pro, I have written the script in Python3, saved it and loaded it into PsychoPy3 to then run.

Below are 2 screenshots I hope help:
The 1st screenshot is the full error message PsychoPy3 gives.
The 2nd is the excel sheet where I make my filepaths.

I’m quite a new coder and totally stuck, please help! :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I understand very well what you did, but in your excel file, you do not need to write the path to the image, try writing only the file & extension name, and if it is inside another folder add that too (e.g., Images/file_name.JPG)