The "Couldn't find image" error [WIN10]

Hello everyone,
Im trying to build my experiment in which I have use 108 pictures. However, after a few pictures later, the psychopy stops performing. Also, this error comes up:

File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\visual\”, line 945, in _createTexture
raise IOError(msg % (tex, os.path.abspath(tex)))
OSError: Couldn’t find image imagestroop/008_a_a.jpg; check path? (tried: C:\Users\asus\OneDrive\Masaüstü\image_str\imagestroop\008_a_a.jpg)

Experiment ended.

I am sure that all the pictures are in the file and their excel file is also correct too.
What can you suggest?
Thank you.

I used to meet the same problem, and I have tried many ways to solve it.

  1. the version of your psychopy: it may work if you use the latest version;
  2. you can copy the .py and other esssential ducuments(such as your 108 pictures) to another new folder, and try to synchronize again.

Hope you can try the second suggestion first~

Do you have a folder called imagestroop in your Experiment folder image_str?

Yes I do.

Oket thank you I will try and I will inform you about that.

there was a " _ " in one of the bottom rows of the excel sheet which contains the images’ name. So I deleted it and the problem solved

Aha, glad that you find this “_” :laughing:

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