There are some issues on building a maze task

Hello. I am trying to build a Maze task using Psychopy. But there are several issues that cannot solve as my lack of knowledge. If you help me out this problem, I will be really appreciate it.

  1. Procedure of my experiment.

I will present the sentence by breaking it down into words and showing the ‘w’ position with both the target word and inferent word simultaneously. For example, if the sentence is “Cheolsu ate w rice.”, I will display it as “Cheolsu”, “ate”, “w”, “rice.”. At that time, both of “yesterday” and “today” appearing in the place of ‘w’.

When words other than ‘w’ are shown, subjects should press the spacebar as a response key. When the target and inferent appear in the ‘w’ position, they can press the left and right arrow keys to response. Additionally, I will make sure that the target/inferent positions are counterbalanced (target-inferent or inferent-target). The correct response will be indicated by pressing the corresponding arrow key based on the target’s position.

  1. This is my code which is written on the code properties on the builder.

##begin experiment

import pandas as pd
df3 = pd.read_excel(‘/Users/haejinkim/Documents/practice/prac1.xlsx’, sheet_name = 0, header = 0)

conditionsFile = ‘prac1.xlsx’

from psychopy import visual, core, event

##begin routine

def get_user_input(directions):
return event.waitKeys(keyList = [‘space’, directions[direction_idx]])[0]

directions = [‘left’, ‘right’]
direction_idx = 0

win = visual.Window(size=[2416,1359], fullscr=True)
text_component = visual.TextStim(win)

for i in range(len(df3)):
objWord = df3.loc[i]

sent = str(objWord['Sentence']).split()
target = str(objWord['target_word'])
inferent = str(objWord['inferent_word'])

text_component.text = '' .join(sent) + '' + target + '' + inferent

for word in sent:
    kes = get_user_input(directions)
    if word == 'w':
        text_component.draw(target + '' + inferent)
        target_direction = directions[direction_idx]
    elif word != 'w':


end routine


  1. Problem

Problem is there are no error code but it does not print any word also. Please help me anyone who have any idea!!

The draw function of a :text: Text component doesn’t take text as a parameter - it’s purely for drawing the component to the screen. I think what you want to do instead is text_component.text = word and then call draw with nothing in the brackets.