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Two keyboards in the same loop - recording one response but not the other

Hi everybody! I’m using PsychoPy v 1.85.2 on Windows on builder view.

I have currently got a LDT that is in the viewing format: ‘+ > sentence > prime > target/keyboard’. The participants will currently only respond to the target (which is at the end) and the rest is all set on a timer.

If possible I would like to incorporate another keyboard after the sentence so the participants aren’t constrained to a time, after the participant gives a response (using a keyboard, preferably just the space bar), I want the prime to appear immediately, followed by the target/keyboard. I.e., ‘+>sentence/keyboard>prime>target/keyboard’.

Hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance!


Hi, this is usually easiest if you split your task across several routines. i.e. the first keyboard component ends the first routine. Then the stimuli and keyboard on the second routine can be timed as you wish, as they won’t start until the first keypress has occurred, terminating the first routine.