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Online study with loops not progressing correctly


Hi. I have a study design with nested loops. There’s a code component (written in both python and JS) saying that the inner loop should end upon a correct response (meaning, if the response is wrong, participants will see the same stimulus again until they respond correctly). This design works correctly in PsychoPy, but not online.

On Pavlovia, you just see the same (first) stimulus over and over. I’m attaching the PsychoPy file, in case that helps. I couldn’t figure out how to attach the JS file, which I imagine would be more helpful.

Thank you so much!

game_online12.psyexp (96.5 KB)

My code component doesn't work in the online experiment, though works fine on desktop psychopy version

Hi. I have the exactly same problem. I put below code in the end routine tab of the code component

if (key_resp_2.corr == 1) {
    innertrials_1.finished = true;
} else {
    innertrials_1.finished = false;

However, it doesn’t work…
Let’s wait someone’s answer.


Hi, we are currently looking into this, thank you for your patience.