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PsychoPy unable to find image

Whenever I try to run the experiment PsychoPy comes up with the following error:

16.9926 ERROR Couldn’t find image images/bob.png; check path? (tried: /Users/bethtwine/Documents/Psychology/Dissertation/Beth Psychopy /Exposure A 1 3/images/bob.png)

This error occurs for scripts written in python and builder that previously worked as well as a newly made experiment. The image is definitely where PsychoPy is looking - is there any reason this is not working? I have played around with it a lot but cannot find a solution. Sound files are located without issue.


It definitely isn’t :wink:

Select the file in the Finder and copy its path from the Get Info window and compare it to the string in the error message above. Also check that you have file extensions being displayed (i.e. so the the file isn’t actually bob.png.png)