OS error couldn't find image check path?

I do not know why it can not find the image. The error is:

OSError: Couldn’t find image file ‘/Users/tantingtang/Desktop/Grace/doll.png’; check path? (tried: /Users/tantingtang/Desktop/Grace/doll.png)

Is there something wrong with the naming of the pictures in Excel?

Thank you for your help !!!

  1. Don’t bother with double backslashes \\ in paths. You can just use / regardless of platform.
  2. Are you sure this conditions file is actually being used? Your paths in this file refer to a subdirectory called images/ which should be in the same folder as your Builder .psyexp file. But the error message shows that PsychoPy is looking in a folder called ~/Desktop/Grace/. How are you specifying where to find the image in your image component?
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Thank you so much.

The point 1 you mentioned has solved the problem!!!

The code is finally running !!! Thank you!!!

I have got a similar error, and I don’t understand where is it coming from. Although I have checked my file names are okay but probably I am missing something which I am not able to catch. Please help me with it.

This is the error showing:

This is the excel file:

Is there something I am missing which might be the cause of the error?