Textprompt remains in editable TextBox2 component

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
Hello PsychoPy-community,

I am currently using the TextBox 2 component, which is generally working ok. However, in my TextBox component I’ve inserted the prompt “Type your sentence here”. In the first trial, this prompt is in gray and I can immediately type my response. However, starting from the second trial, the prompt is in black and I have to first manually delete the prompt before I can start typing my sentence. This is not the best situation for participants because they can’t spontaneously start their sentence because they first have to delete the prompt.

A not so much elegant solution would be to replace the prompt in the TextBox with a ‘space’, however, I would still like to let the participants know that they have to type their response in the TextBox (by typing something like “Type your response here”).

Does anyone know why this happens?

This is the gitlab link, I’ve set this to public. Any help is appreciated!!

This is the offline experiment: DOPOLIJST1_NL.psyexp (78.1 KB)