Textbox is working offline but not online

Hi, I’m programming a memory experiment (PsychoPy Version 3) in which participants are shown some pictures, and then on the next screen have to type in the names of those pictures. I got this to work offline using a textbox component. However, when I insert it in my online exeriment I get the following error message:

"Unfortunately we encountered to following error:

  • ReferenceError: $endButton is not defined"

The endButton is essentially a mouse click which allows participants to indicate they have finished. Again, this works offline. When I go into the texbox properties PsychoPy told me there is a problem with the “padding” which was set to “None”. I have read somewhere that javascript (I don’t know any javascript, sorry!) doesn’t like “None”, but I don’t know what else to put in this box.

I also don’t know whether I am barking up the wrong tree… Perhaps the “padding” input isn’t the problem and something else is the matter. Should the editable textbox work online?!

I had a look on the forum but couldn’t find any resolutions. Any advice would be very welcome!

I just wanted to say (in case anyone else encounters the same problem) that I resolved this issue by replacing the mouse component with a keyboard component (so that participants press Enter when they have finished with the text box). It must have been a problem with my mouse component as it works now!