Text alignment - half of text off screen

URL of experiment: Currently piloting so cannot link just yet

Description of the problem:

A very simple problem I hope. I would like to present my experimental instructions left aligned in the online version of my experiment (currently centred). I’ve used the code: begin.setAlignHoriz(‘left’) in the begin experiment tab of the code component. The code is in the right box and Code Type set to “Both”.

“begin” refers to my first instruction text box. However, the text is aligned to the right and half of it is missing from the screen! To get it to align left of screen I changed “left” to “right” but half of the text is missing again. So it seems that it does the opposite of what I expected and I’m guessing there’s some kind of anchor function?

Is there any way to resolve this?


Failing a simple solution, I will probably have to remain with instructions centralised.

Actually, I figured it out in the end by using text.setAlignHoriz(‘centre’) instead of ‘left’ or ‘right’, where “text” refers to the name of the textbox. I used one for each page where I wanted left alignment but had to move this code further down the experimental timeline to get it to work.

Hopefully this helps someone else trying to figure out how to do this.