Align text left malfunctions online

URL of experiment: exp01222 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
Hello! I am using Psychopy v.2021.2.3 and I need the texts in my experiment to be aligned left and have done that using the text.setAlignHoriz(‘left’) code, but the problem is that when the text is aligned left, it appears on the right half of the screen, and hence half of it gets out of the screen. I’m at the very last stage of my experiment, I really hope that this is an easily fixable issue.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you

Hi @Mavra_Mylona, you could simply adjust the position of the text to be further to the left, no? If you use norm units, (-1, 0) would be the left edge of your screen. So (-.9, 0) should look fine. To have everything symmetrical, you can then set the wrap width to 1.8.

Thank you Ajus it worked! :slight_smile:

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