setAlignHoriz('left') online starts aligning from center of the screen instead of left

URL of experiment:

Hello everyone,
I have a new issue with alignment online that I didn’t have before. I use code components to left-align my text: sentenceText.setAlignHoriz(‘left’);
In addition, I add some blank spaces in the text box of the text components so that the frame remains the same and left alignment always starts at the same point, e.g.
$s1 + '\n' + " "

This solution used to work fine but now weirdly the text appears left centered but the centering starts at the center of the screen. I’ve tried removing the code component, removing my blank space arrangement, changed the software version back to 2020.1, but nothing seems to fix this.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Same problem here! Any resolution?

Add sentenceText.setPos([-.5,0]); to your JS code tab.