Survey not formatting correctly on mobile phones

Hi all,
My survey is not formatting on a phone, the writing looks tiny and nothing like the preview on the design tab in the survey builder. It also wont even let you zoom in.

I also can’t see how someone can exit or end the survey early on a phone as there is no esc button

Thanks in advance for your help!

The small font size is definitely an issue, so this has been raised. When looking today, I was able to zoom in on my mobile, but even zoomed in the font was small.

You can close the tab. What behaviour would you like to see? A persistent red x in the top corner?

Thanks for the help!
In terms of ending the survey early I would like to be able to direct them to a page with a list of supports and resources. On a laptop or desktop this happens when they press “esc” but it doesn’t seem to translate on a mobile or tablet.