Survey answers not saving?

Hi everyone!

After testing some people for my experiment, I noticed some of the survey answers are not saving correctly. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens to one for maybe every 10 people. It usually happens to only one question in the entire dataset and there’s no pattern - happened to random questions, in random questionnaires. All my surveys are programmed in a way in which the participants can’t move to the next question until they give an answer.
I’m not sure what the reason is and I feel I tried all possible explanations. Does PsychoPy have some sort of glitch that I am not aware of? I attached a screenshot of how the error looks like:


I note that in your example it looks like there is a repeated participant number. How are you creating the participant number? Is that likely to be the same person refreshing or a different person at the same time? Is this true of all of the missing answers?