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Suppressing "Psychopy2 Updates" notifiction window on startup - for deploying PsychoPy via Group Policy


My role is not PsychoPy developer or Psychologist, but rather IT support in Higher Education at Cardiff University.

is there a windows command line switch (or similar) that can be used to permanently suppress the “Psychopy2 Updates” notification popup box that appears every time PsychoPy launches?

The reason we need this is that we use windows group policy application bundles (leveraged by Novell Zenworks) to make PsychoPy available as a networked app. for our staff and students to “install on demand” on campus workstations from a menu of campus applications WITHOUT THE NEED FOR WINDOWS ADMIN PRIVILEGES.

So we effectively “wrap” Psychopy in a network app. deployment package which installs under a background service which has elevated privileges leading the end user (without windows admin rights) to think they are installing it themeselves.

To this end we only wish users to run the current, supported version of PsychoPy that we provide via networked apps and NOT offer an immediate upgrade to the next version as soon as it’s released until we have tested it in our networked environment.

Instead, once each new version is tested in house we then make it available as a new networked app, for on-demand install.

We DO NOT allow our users admin rights needed to run any installer they have downloaded themselves - e.g. in response to the above popup. At present this popup is counter productive because it misleads our users into thinking they have the windows rights to immediately download and install newer versions on our campus workstations directly from the site which they don’t.

Many thanks

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