Stuck On Initialising experiment, Figured the error, how to correct

I figured out the error in my experiment as shown in the console. I don’t know how to correct it. The code in my experiment made in the builder is in Python and the JS file which is generated from it has the error. How do I edit that JS File so that it syncs with Pavlovia?

Do you have any imports in code components?

Yes, here is my code. (The translated JS file from Builder)

It would be more useful to show your Begin Experiment code component tabs and the actual error message as shown in the Browser console.

I spend a lot of my time on this forum on my phone…if I’m on my laptop I should probably be doing something more constructive.

This is the code for begin experiment for Trial routine, only trial routine has begin experiment component

This is the original console error.

This is my builder exp, I have shared the code for the trial routine - begin experiment with you. Please let me know if anything else is requierd

What is your mode line supposed to do?

What does it look like in Python?

That seems to be the line highlighted by the error.