Specifying trial conditions unrelated to staircase

Hi everyone,

When using any of the staircase loop procedures, it possible to specify condition variables in a conditions file that have nothing to do with the staircase? I’m trying to adaptively shorten/lengthen the allowed response time in order to force participants to make a certain number of errors. At the same time, I have a number of condition variables for other aspects of the trial loop that are unrelated to the staircase (and do not change with respect to the staircase).

It seems like the interleaved staircase would be the one to use since it allows you to upload a conditions file, but I’m unsure how to structure the file with non-staircase related condition variables.

Thanks for your help!

Update: I’m still not sure whether it’s possible to do what I asked about above within the builder, but I was able to find a pretty easy work-around – I just used the zip command when initiating the trial loop to simultaneously run through the staircases as well:

for thisTrials_loop, p1_staircase_duration, p2_staircase_duration in zip(trials_loop, p1_staircase, p2_staircase):

Works great!

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