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Sound plays on laptop but not on MRI stim PC

I have created a simple audio fMRI experiment using builder on my Win10 laptop with version 1.84.
What are you trying to achieve?:
The goal is for the participant to hear comprehensible instructions of objects versus incomprehensible instructions while in a MRI scanner.
What is the problem?:
The paradigm/experiment works perfectly on my laptop but does not play the sound files when transferred to the stim pc (Ubanto) in the scanner room. I transferred the whole folder, with the code and sound files etc to the scanner room stim pc. This has worked for previous (present visual stimuli) experiments. But does not work with this audio paradigm.
at the moment, system becomes unresponsive about 5min and then gives up. It plays non of the sound files that is meant to do.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Try a different sound backend on your MRI set up (the preferred order that we try to import them can be changed in the PsychoPy preferences)