Sound doesn't play full .wav files

I’m running an experiment where there are about 200 .wav files varying from 1-7 seconds in length. One sound is played and then rated. Then the next sound is played and rated, etc. The sounds are presented in a random order. The list of .wav files is in a csv. This all works properly. Data collects fine.

For the first 5 sounds, psychopy will only play the first second of the sound. Then it will play full sounds for the rest of the stimuli. Is there a way to specify the duration of the sounds using sound_1.getDuration() in coder so that it will play the full sound? I know I can put that code in the duration field in builder, but I don’t know how to do it in coder, and I don’t know if that will fix my problem.

I think this was a result of duration being set to 1 in builder when I first made the experiment. I made the experiment again from scratch and have no more issue.