Sound component repetition bug

Why does the sound component I’m using in Builder play twice without any explicit repetition set? I haven’t set any repetition.
This is my sample program, maybe someone can help?"

Snipaste_2023-10-10_17-10-16 (190.4 KB)

OS macOS version is 13.4
PsychoPy version 23.2.1
**Standard Standalone

Have you tried the other available audio libraries?

I tried all sound banks and delay settings
The difference is that if the delay and sound library settings are appropriate, the sound will play normally. If the settings are inappropriate, there will be strange changes, such as the pitch becomes lower or higher, the time becomes longer or shorter, and so on.
But every sound library will make the wav file play twice.

I couldn’t get your sound files to work for me so I resampled them to 48kHz using Audacity (Tracks/Resample and Project Rate in bottom left). Then it played fine.

I’m going to try changing the sample rate now.
Thanks a lot!

I tried to change the sampling rate of the sound to 48khz. The first and second sounds were normal, but the third and last sounds became played twice. And I tried the audio you made, the same Will play twice.
Here are my new sample programs and sounds.
Could you please take a look at it again? (3.5 KB)
sample (588.1 KB)

This seems to be a psychopy version issue?
There are also students around me who have encountered the same problem. They can run normally after changing to version 21 or 22.

At the same time, if I convert the code in the builder into python code and run it separately, this problem will disappear.