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'set every repeat' sound stimuli still playing A

I used to builder last year to make a straightforward experiment that plays a sound file, after which it plays a second sound file. During the duration of the second sound file the participant is asked to identify which file it is.

I re-opened the experiment recently to find that it no longer works.

In trying to suss out the problem I attempted to make aspects of the experiment again in the builder. I started simply by looking at how it handles sound files.

Sound file settings and results:

• Sound: sounds/sound_file.wav ; constant

  • this played the same sound file correctly each time

• Sound: sounds/sound_file.wav ; set every repeat

  • this played a sine tone A = 440 each time, rather than the desired sound file

• Sound: $audioStim ; set every repeat

  • this played a sine tone A = 440 each time, rather than the desired sound files indexed in the conditions file

(other experiments using sound files that I’ve written (but have written in code) continue to work fine, so it’s not a broad problem with playing sound files)

Any suggestions as to what I’m doing incorrectly, or as to what might have changed since when I first made the experiment in the builder last year (this is the first oddity I’ve found when troubleshooting, so if you think the overall problem could be due to something separate then please let me know this also)?

Thanks, Sam :slight_smile:

I’m using v1.90.3 incidentally

Have you searched the forum here? Pretty sure this was a bug that has since been squashed, not sure what versions were affected.

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Thanks @Michael, yes this was a bug specific to version 1.90.3, and was fixed in Version 3.

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Thanks all. I’ve been avoiding downloading Version 3 for the time being, as that uses Python 3 and I would guess that the rest of my experiment (written in code) will therefore take some time to ‘translate’ so that it works in this version (is that correct)?

So I guess my best bet would actually be to go back a version then? 1.90.2 ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Sam_Leak, the bug was not present in version 1.90.2 so you could do either. Here is the fix in case you want to amend your Sound component code yourself.

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Thanks everyone :slight_smile: